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Valentine's Day

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Strawbaby Love Cookie

Strawbaby Love

A strawberry cookie decorated with white chocolate and Valentine's Day sprinkles.
Chocolate Cherry Cookie

Chocolate Cherry

A rich dark chocolate cookie mixed with cherry syrup, topped with a maraschino cherry, and completed with milk chocolate-cherry drizzle.



Christmas Box

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Cookie Bee Christmas giftbox

Christmas Variety Box contains:

1x Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookie
1x Christmas Cookie
1x Creamy Biscoff Cookie
1x Raspberry White Chocolate Cookie
1x Caroline Cookie
1x Red Velvet Cookie
1x Mint Choc Chip Cookie
1x Snickerdoodle Cookie
Cookie Bee Christmas giftbox_inside

Christmas Cookie Box

A variety set of 8 cookies, in beautiful, classy packaging, and wrapped in a red satin bow. Includes one: walnut chocolate chip, Christmas cookie, creamy Biscoff, raspberry white chocolate, Caroline, red velvet, mint chocolate chip, and Snickerdoodle

Halloween Box

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halloween box cookie bee

Halloween Box contains:

2x Spider  Cookie
2x Monster Cookie
2x Blood Cookie
4x Witch Fingers
halloween box spider cookie bee

Spider Cookie

A chocolate cookie with a Toffife spider and peanut butter decoration.
halloween box blood cookie bee

Blood Cookie

A lemon cookie with sweet icing on top.
halloween box monster cookie bee

Monster Cookie

A lentilky cookie with edible monster eyes.
halloween box witch cookie bee

Witch's Fingers

An almond cookie including a blanched almond and strawberry jam.
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