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All-time cookies

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Peanut Butter Cookie


A soft peanut butter cookie sprinkled with a pinch of crunchy sugar on top.

Chocolate Chip Cookie


A warm cookie packed with dark chocolate chunks and walnuts.
Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie


A chewy, chocolatey cookie base stuffed with chunks of dark chocolate.
White Chocolate Raspberry


A fresh cookie made with juicy raw raspberries, white chocolate chunks, and topped with almond slices.
Snicker Doodle Cookie


A thick cloud-like cookie rolled, baked, and topped again in crunchy cinnamon sugar.
caroline cookie


A peanut butter cookie stuffed with dark chocolate chips, topped with french salted caramel and drizzled with chocolate.

Special cookies

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biscoff cookie

Creamy Biscoff

A classic cookie stuffed with creamy Biscoff spread and rolled in crunchy Biscoff cookies.
Sweet almond


A soft sugar-cookie base with a decadent pink almond frosting in top.
Coffee Cake Cookie

Coffee Cake

A cinnamon cookie topped with brown sugar streusal and a creamy cake icing. Best served with coffee! 
Maple Brown Sugar Cookie

Maple Brown Sugar

A soft cookie laced with maple syrup, brown sugar, and pecans and drizzled in a salted butter maple sauce.
Matcha cookie


A light, airy cookie made with raw matcha and rolled in crunchy sugar.
Cappuccino Cookie


A blended espresso cookie loaded with big chunks of white chocolate.
Chai cookie


A spicy vegan cookie baked with warm Chai spices, topped with a sweet icing, and dusted with more Chai spice on top!

Currently unavailable cookies

Currently unavailable, but we're happy to consider special requests.
mint choc chip cookie

Mint Choc chip

A cookie bursting with zesty mint flavor and two types of creamy chocolate chips.
celebration cookie

Celebration (vegan)

A festive cookie baked with tons of rainbow sprinkles, with a sweet vanilla swirl of frosting on top.
Marshmallow crunch cookie


A unique cookie rolled in cornflakes, stuffed with a marshmallow, and drizzled with peanut.


A soft cookie including a hint of lemon and bursting with fresh blueberries and white chocolate chips. Drizzled with lemon icing.
Coconut Cream cookie

Coconut Cream

A cookie packed with roasted coconut pieces and topped with a deliciously creamy coconut-flavored pudding.
Salted Caramel Cookie


A salty sweet mix of gooey caramel and Himalayan rock salt, including a crunchy pretzel on top.


A refreshing cookie with pineapple pieces and coconut, decorating with lemon icing, fresh coconut, and topped with a piece of pineapple.
Carrot Cake Cookie


A chewy cookie packed with carrots and warm cake spices, topped a cream cheese frosting and a sprinkle of walnuts.
Oatmeal Raison Cookie


A chewy cookie made with whole oats and packed with sweet raisins.
strawberry lemonade cookie

Strawberry lemonade

A cookie bursting with lemon flavor, layered with a marbled strawberry frosting, and topped with a fresh strawberry.
Brown sugar cinnamon cookie

Brown sugar cinnamon (vegan)

A mild cookie stuffed with a brown sugar and cinnamon filling and frosted with a vegan buttercream.
Spiced apple oatmeal cookie


A mouth-watering mix of oats, apples, and warm spices and topped with a cinnamon maple drizzle.
Pumpkin spice latte cookie

Pumpkin spice latte

All the flavors of fall: coffee, spices, and white chocolate. And Topped with a creamy drizzle too!
Lemon poppyseed cookie

Lemon poppyseed

A zesty cookie with a poppyseed base, filled with a zingy burst of lemon curd, and dusted with powdered sugar on top.
Salted Toffee Cookie

Salted Toffee

A thick, soft cookie stuffed with chunks of home-made salted caramel toffee.
Caramel Brownie cookie

Caramel brownie

A soft and fluffy cocoa cookie mixed with milk chocolate chunks and lathered in thick.
christmas cookie


A chewy white chocolate chip cookie filled with vanilla pudding and sprinkled with edible Christmas glitter.
Apple Pie Cookie


A chewy-crunchy oat cookie with warm apple pie topping.
Healthy Banana Bread cookie

Healthy Banana Bread

A gluten and dairy free cookie made with a ton of bananas and garnished with a few dark chocolate chips. Sweetened with honey and organic maple syrup. No added sugar.
Maple Oatmeal Walnut Cookie

Maple Oatmeal Walnut (Vegan)

An chunky maple cookie packed with oats, topped with a maple icing, and garnished with organic walnuts.
Healthy Breakfast cookie

Healthy Breakfast

A completely natural cookie packed with nuts, berries, and oats. Naturally sweetened with bananas and organic maple syrup.
Cheddar Bacon Jalapeño Cookie

Cheddar Bacon Jalapeño

A cheddar cheese cookie stuffed with bacon and spicy jalepenos. (SALTY)
Everything Bagel Cookie

Everything Bagel

A dense salt and pepper cookie lathered in cream cheese and sprinkled with everything-bagel seasoning. (SALTY)
Garlic Herb Butter Cookie

Garlic Herb Butter

A flavorful thyme and rosemary cookie topped with garlic herb butter. (SALTY)
red velvet cookie

Red velvet

A smooth chocolatey cookie smothered with white chocolate chips and a dark, velvety flavor
Detox Turmeric Cookie


An all-natural sugar, dairy and gluten free, vegan cookie made from oats, bananas, and lots of spices. Smothered in a maple-cashew frosting.
pumpkin cheesecake cookie

Pumpkin Cheesecake (vegan)

A soft cookie with baked pumpkin and warm spices. Swirled with a Vegan cream cheese frosting on top.
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